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Recognizing Excellence in Esports
Recognizing Excellence in Esports

Our aim is to ensure that success and achievement in esports is celebrated globally. Acting as an impartial entity across all platforms and titles, we have assembled a process and panel of experts from across the industry at the top level to adjudicate the awards.

Creating Legacy
Creating Legacy

The players, teams, organizations, gamers, suppliers, distributors, platforms and fans have created esports as an industry, we document the contributions and successes ensuring they are immortalized and that those, above and beyond are captured and acknowledged.

Honoring The Industry
Honoring The Industry

Understanding and highlighting the processes that go behind the scenes of every tournament and game played, from the hardware used to the platform and quality of the broadcast to the photographers that capture the moment, we ensure the plaudits are given to those deserving.

Stats For 2018

Esports Award

Over 5 Million Live Viewers Watched the Esports Awards 2018 Globally

Over 27 Million Engagements on the Nights Across Social Platforms

Over 3.3 Million Votes Were Placed in a Four Month Campaign

Over 220,000 Concurrent Viewership Across Four Platforms


Post Awards Content Views


Hours watched across four platforms

Trended Worldwide


Visitors to website during key moments in campaign

Project Ninja

During 2018, Ninja was a fan favorite of the Esports Awards during the nomination and voting process and considered the biggest esports influencer in the world.

Winning an Esports Award is coveted within the industry and attracts top tier influencers such as Ninja and many others who engage their audience to help support their campaigns.


  • Global influencer, working and activating with the biggest brands in the world
  • Streams daily to an average audience of over 50,000
  • Holds the record for the most concurrent viewers for an individual streamer on Twitch at over 650,000
Project Ninja


How We Create Year Round Engagement

The Esports Awards occupy a unique and impartial position in the esports ecosystem.


The Esports Awards can interact and engage with all entities within the ecosystem, independently.


The Esports Awards create opportunities and engagement for partners in both the B2B and B2C landscape.

We provide an independent platform that awards based on stringent values, quality and merit.

In everything we do, we keep the three C’s in mind. Credibility. Credibility. Credibility.

This has led to a backing by the industry, ensuring when we go live, the industry is engaged, supports the awards and we make noise and are heard!

Global Reach

Global Reach

Our Content

The Play Of The Month competition, pre-show, and awards ceremony are the majority of our content. The content is themed around the Esports calendar and announcements through the year.

On Location

Creating Legacy

Studio Shows

Honoring The Industry

The Ceremony

Recognizing Excellence in Esports
On Location
Run Time: 25-30 Minutes

Focused around the Play of the Month competition these shows offer insights into the procedures and process behind the awards.

Studio Shows
Run Time: 45-60 Minutes

Revealing key information around our campaign including nominations, voting and finalist announcements.

The Ceremony
Run Time: 180-200 Minutes

The main event, our ceremony sees the biggest name in esports in one room!

2019 Timeline

2019 Timeline

Aligning Your Brands in Esports

Esports Awards
Our understanding of requirements for 2019/2020
  • Exposure to a vast B2C esports audience, utilizing cross platform/publisher etc ensuring awareness of your brand in the entire sector.
  • Link together esports opportunities in one central globally recognized event.
  • B2B Networking event.
  • Established as thought leaders in the esports sector.
  • Provide a great platform to entertain both endemic and non endemic clients and partners.
Our ability to meet requirements for 2019/2020 onwards
  • Access and engagement with wide and far reaching esports audience.
  • A staple of the esports calendar creating virality across entire audience.
  • Ability to exist as a central component of the esports ecosystem without bias. Able to engage audience across B2C and B2B markets.
  • The Esports Awards have been recognized and quoted as the “Oscars” of the esports world.
  • Provide CSR outreach alongside charity partner Movember.

Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

2019 Awards

Community Awards
  1. Streamer of the Year
  2. Cosplay of the Year
  3. Esports Photographer of the Year
  4. Esports Videographer of the Year
  5. Esports Play of the Year
  6. Esports Breakthrough Game of the Year
  7. Esports Personality of the Year
  8. Esports Content Creator of the Year
Industry Awards
  1. Esports Journalist of the Year
  2. Esports Coverage Website of the Year
  3. Esports Hardware Provider of the Year
  4. Esports Commercial Partner of the Year
  5. Esports Publisher of the Year
  6. Esports Supporting Agency
  7. Esports Live Event of the Year
  8. Esports Game of the Year
  9. Lifetime Achievement in Esports Award
Professional Awards
  1. Esports Caster of the Year (color & play by play)
  2. Esports Presenter of the Year
  3. Esports Rookie of the Year (PC)
  4. Esports Rookie of the Year (Console)
  5. Esports Team of the Year
  6. Console Player of the Year
  7. PC Player of the Year
  8. Esports Organization of the Year
  9. Panel's Choice Award/Unsung Hero

Why the Esports Awards?

  • An endemic, organically built esports organization with globally recognized core values.
  • A panel of experts dedicated to volunteering their time to furthering esports.
  • Worked with the likes of Deloittes to ensure a seamless and credible awards platform, recognized by the community.
Access to B2B Marketplace
  • Exist in a unique position in the esports ecosystem with access to the top publishers and B2B companies.
  • Companies return year after year, submitting applications to be considered as award finalists.
  • Worked with a number of endemic and non endemic brands and helped foster relationship away from the.
  • Promoted by a targeted and strategic marketing and distribution campaign.
  • Votes from over 22,000 cities worldwide.
  • Over 3,300,000 votes placed on in 2018
  • Access to best in class networking event each year featuring over 150 brands in esports.
  • Ability to be positioned as a thought leader.
  • Tie in events at the Partner Evening and Esports Summit events.
Why Partner with the Esports Awards?
1 . Acknowledge outstanding achievement

Increase your brand position with key influencers and the industry; our panel are experts in their chosen field, and together with our partners, support our awards because they want to acknowledge and reward organizations, players and teams who are excelling in esports.

2 . Enjoy tangible and sustainable returns

The Esports Awards represents an international consumer and commercial mark of excellence. Nominees (and especially winners) will gain recognition that gives them a discernible commercial advantage.

3 . Gain large scale media exposure

Our distribution and rights sales partner IMG works with some of the biggest rights holders in the world. In conjunction with our influencer strategy we have a combined viewing reach of over 150 million a year (and growing).