Destination Esports provides outsourced global esports representation and support in the areas of sales and marketing, specifically for the massive esports industry.  Our experienced industry experts primarily focus on the support, global market expansion and revenue development for our venues and destinations.  


“If corporate America and entertainment had a baby that rowdy child would be called esports.”  Kim Meltzer CEO

Global Cities

With a global presence the esports community needs a place to go.  Destinations from around the globe have the opportunity to showcase venues and services that will allow the esports community options to exceed fans and production expectations. Let Destination Esports guide you throughout this journey!

Global Venues

Let’s face it! Fans need a place to sit and the esports ecosystem needs butts in seats to showcase their success! Our venue alliance will showcase the best the world has to offer.  We provide our partners opportunities to showcase their strengths to esports buyers and fans that are looking for locations across the globe. Whether you are an intimate theater or a large arena we provide services that fill the seats and showcase the venues’ strengths.


We work with global destinations and venues, esports teams, talent, broadcasters, investors, gaming developers, production companies, and brands that want to cohesively activate and lead in this one-of-a-kind market.


We work with the best in the industry. We provide our partners access to the community, fans and developers to showcase what they have to offer.