Pro Players & Team Hospitality

No matter the game nor the destination we will get you there. From the pro players playing in a championship to the fans that want to attend we can support every aspect of the process. Destination Esports will secure, coordinate, and manage everything from start to finish! Our approach to travel and hospitality is to provide a genuine experience for clients and their guests, combining the local flavor of the destination with that of the brand. Our team consists of award-winning marketing, promotion and travel executives, and we have a proven track record of providing one-of-a-kind events at a competitive price.


Our team can be responsible for all flights, and costs are carefully researched. Schedules and services are coordinated with the airlines to provide the most comfortable, cost effective and convenient routing.n.


Guests are always greeted at the airport’s baggage claim by their driver holding a sign with either the event logo or guest name (client’s choice). They are driven to their destination via private vehicle.


Recommended accommodations always include a variety of room types to meet the needs of the program’s travelers (rooms with King beds / rooms with 2 beds / Suites) as well as adequate dining, recreational facilities, and staff experienced in planning and service. Hotel pricing policies are reviewed for areas of savings and billing arrangements. Pre-registration is arranged to make check-in a smooth process.


A personalized hospitality / check in area is manned by our team. We maintain an on-site presence throughout the entire program.